Jess Price About Image

Hi I’m Jess

In my years of working in innovation for big food companies, I had the chance to help good brands become better by creating nutritious products for people. But there’s nothing quite as exciting as going out on your own and starting a brand from scratch! With Real Made I get to focus on providing healthy products that are also delicious, run the business, and still have time for a nutritious breakfast. It’s a win win. And yes I really do have two young kids – three if you count working with Barry. My kids' love the Apple & Coconut recipe.

Barry Nalebuff About Image

… and I’m Barry

When I’m not teaching at Yale I like to keep busy making new things. In 1998 I cofounded Honest Tea because it was hard to find ready-to-drink iced tea that tasted like tea (which recently sold its billionth bottle!). I’m also the cofounder of Kombrewcha, a slightly alcoholic version of Kombucha. Now with the creation of Real Made Oats I fulfilled my dream of becoming a cereal entrepreneur (and bad pun artist). Although I’m a tea guy my favorite flavor of Maker Oats is Banana & Coffee. Go figure. As a bonus to those who've read this far you can watch my free online course on negotiation  here.