The Gentleman’s Game: Examining Cricket’s Traditions and Culture

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Cricket’s popularity is obvious today because the number of its fans continues to grow. It is one of the historical aspects of engagement in the game around the globe. So, if you are interested in the topic and wish to dive into the world of cricket to learn more about its sporting championships, history, and profitable markets, you are in the right place.

Besides, if you wish to know where to place a cricket bet, you might be interested in learning “is BangBet legit” in Nigeria. Spoiler: it is, and it offers many opportunities to make the right bet.

This article will show you how to place a successful bet, provide you with the necessary instructions, and explain more about the world’s best cricket games you can use for betting. So, buckle up and be ready to explore cricket.

Cricket and Where It Came From

Cricket and Where It Came From

Here, you can learn more interesting facts about the history of this ancient sport. Cricket indeed has ancient roots because the first record about it was in 1611. The story says that this game was created in an English village by a group of teenagers. It developed further, and at the beginning of the XVII, there were the first amateur teams to appear in England. In 1844, the first English Association was formed, and later, in the XX century, the first international games between England and the USA were held.

Who Plays Cricket Today

Who Plays Cricket Today

Today, cricket is well-known around the world. Even though not many play this game, they definitely know it and even bet on it. This sport is tremendously sought after in India, Pakistan, Australia, and some other countries.

Today, punters and cricket lovers can watch many cricket championships and tournaments. Their variety is huge so you can place different bets on events of various formats. It also influences the quality of betting along with the markets offered by the bookmaker.

The Regions Cricket Mostly Popular In

Cricket became hugely popular in England, so it was the second most popular game after soccer. As Great Britain was an empire, its former colonies fell in love with Cricket too. So, today, for instance, in India, cricket is a national sport that consumes much time from its constant fans. Its matches can last over 4 hours, and take several days for one competition to end.

Available and Unique Cricket Betting Markets

Available and Unique Cricket Betting Markets

If you are a cricket fan and wish to place a couple of bets on the sport you know and like, then you will be impressed with the number of markets Nigerian bookmakers offer you. Observation of several eminent bookmakers allowed us to make the following list of choices:

  • Toss Winner

It is the easiest market. You simply bet on a toss, and you have a 50/50 chance of either winning or losing.

  • Match Winner

This market looks similar to 1×2, but it has some specifics you need to understand. First of all, this market practically has a draw, but in case the game turns out to be a tie, then your bet is considered void. Besides, here, the team with high odds is obviously an underdog, while the lesser coefficient is attained by the stronger team.

  • Outright Winner

Here, you can place a stake on the winner of the whole tournament or a series of games. It is not one single match but the whole string of them.

  • Top Batsman

This market allows you to identify the best and most efficient player in the match. If you think it is not an easy choice, you are right. However, you still can place a successful bet if you can track the batsman record over different gaming formats.

  • Score a century

Here, you can place a bet on a player who can score 100 in a match. Track players who managed to make such scores over the past matches because they have all the opportunities to repeat that.

  • Top Wicket-Taker

This market allows a punter to bet on a bowler who will take the most wickets. Usually, this market is available for all games and series. Bear in mind that a bowler’s performance can depend on multiple factors, including game format.

  • Method of 1st Dismissal

It is one of the most liked markets among bettors. You should bet on the outcomes of how the first wicket falls in a game. Normally, a punter has several options, like stumble, run out, and others.

  • Man of the Match

It is a highly risky market because the man of the match is identified as the person who made the most number of points or made other efforts to help the team win. It is not that easy to predict because history knows that there were exceptions when this title was awarded to the team that lost.

Some of them can be very beneficial for you if you know how to place them. Because to diversify your cricket betting, you better understand what these markets mean to use them.

Major Cricket Tournaments

Major Cricket Tournaments

Since cricket is hugely popular in some parts of the world, there are many international sporting events that take place throughout the year in different countries and locations.

Cricket World Cup

It is an international championship that goes separately for men and women. The format of these games is a one-day international event. 

T20 World Cup

This is one out of three major tournament formats, along with ODI and Test matches. The duration of the match is determined by the number of pitches. This is the shortest cricket tournament and can last up to 3 hours. The format first appeared in 2003. This tournament has its set of the strongest teams. Usually, there are the following:

  • India
  • Ireland
  • Bangladesh
  • England
  • Australia
  • Zimbabwe
  • New Zealand

You can keep these countries in mind to make your lucky bet.

One Day International (ODI)

This type of tournament is one of the most popular forms of cricket with limited overs. One of the most interesting specifics of the match is that it can be postponed in case of rain or ends up in a draw, zero result, or a win by any of the teams. This game format was held in 1971 for the first time.

Asia Cup

It is another international tournament among Asian countries that supports the ODI game format. There are separate competitions for men and women. The first championship was held in 1984 in the United Arab Emirates. The winner of this tournament bears the title of the best team in Asia.

The Ashes

It is probably one of the most well-known championships, even among bettors. This is a competition between England and Australia. The name of the tournament appeared after the first time the Australian team won in 1882. This series of games has been held since 1977 and is quite popular now.

Border-Gavaskar Trophy

This is an international series of Test games between India and Australia. The tournament bears a name on behalf of two team captains. The games started in 1996 and are still being held. Both teams participating in the games are the strongest in the country.

Australian Tri Series

Despite the name of the championship, its games are organized in the ODI format. The tournament is held yearly in Australia. It is international and accepts many countries, such as India, Pakistan, and others, to participate.

ICC Champions Trophy

This tournament was established in 1998 by the International Cricket Council in ODI format. The tournament is held every 4 years. One of the main purposes of this championship is to collect money for future game development in the countries that do not participate in Test games. Earlier, only ICC members took part in the tournament, but now the games include many other countries that are not ICC members.

How to Make Cricket Bets: Easy Guide for Beginners

How to Make Cricket Bets

If you are a newcomer in betting and wish to place your first stake on some of the cricket games, here is your guide with general instructions on how you can make it without any obstacles and confusion:

  1. Choose a betting platform and register there.
  2. Log into your profile and observe the list of sports.
  3. Choose cricket and see which tournament or game you are interested in.
  4. Select the events and proceed to the observation of its odds and markets.
  5. Choose the outcomes and click on them to add to your betting slip.
  6. Fill in the bet amount and confirm your prediction.

So, when the match ends, you can observe the results in your profile bet history. All is easy and simple in the process; however, cricket requires much homework before you can place a prediction. So, there are many betting platforms in Nigeria where you can make a successful bet. So, is BangBet legit in Nigeria, and what alternatives do you have? Experts recommend sticking with famous and quality brands to make sure they are safe and secure.

Tips on Victorious Bets

Tips on Victorious Bets

If you ask a professional bettor about how to enhance your betting skills and place a victorious bet on any of the cricket games, these recommendations may come in handy for you. So, check out the tips and apply them to your wagering routine:

  1. Try live betting. It is a bit difficult with cricket, but such games as T20 or ODI are fine for this type of wagering. And a live regime only adds benefits to you.
  2. Establish a budget and manage your time. It is never a good idea to spend all your time betting on cricket and other sports. Moreover, you can lose track time and spend a significant amount on your game. To avoid that, always establish your budget before you start wagering.
  3. Observe match statistics. Those bettors who do an analysis of the games have more chances to win.
  4. Attention to the field and weather conditions. Cricket is a sport where the weather can literally spoil the fun. Some matches can be postponed and simply canceled if it rains. It means your bet will be void, which is a very unpleasant outcome. Field conditions can also vary, so try checking it before you make a prediction.
  5. Bet on the team that wins the toss. Statistics show that the attacking team tends to win with a probability of 70%, which is quite sufficient. Therefore, such a strategy is worth trying.

You can significantly enhance your betting skills by placing stakes on cricket if you apply some of the expert tips.


Summing up all the thoughts about cricket, it is definitely worth your attention. According to Statista, the global betting market is already worth over ninety billions. It means that betting on Cricket is widely profitable if you know the game, its rules, and famous players.

It is vital to understand the betting markets, championships, and, of course, the game specifics. It can be valuable and profitable for your betting. Besides, the cricket market is one of the most profitable markets in the world. So, you can choose any quality platform you trust and place your predictions using expert tips and win real money. But do not forget that you need to know the rules of this game, understand its values, and know different match formats.


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